1. Share time with your family and friends
Those days give them quality time and forget about your laptop and cell phone.

2. Read a good book
Besides relaxing and having a good time, you will surely get teachings that will help you to be a better person.

3. Exercise
Practice some sport that you really enjoy, be it a zumba or yoga class, running in the park, riding a bicycle, swimming, and so on.

4. Unplug
Again, nothing will happen if you miss a day, a weekend or a full week. Before taking vacations, tell your customers and employees that you will be out of reach during certain dates and that they should only contact you in case of emergency.

5. Get in touch with nature
Take advantage of those days to go to parks or natural areas. In these places you can relax and be inspired to be alone with yourself and find good ideas.

6. Write
The exercise of writing can not only be reassuring, but also a small therapy to reduce stress and unleash your creativity.

7. Fix flaws in your house
It does not sound like the funniest thing in the world, but there are probably things in your home that do not work well and that you have not had time to fix. Doing so will improve your productivity and mood in the following months, and perhaps you will find that it was much easier than you expected.

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